Cookie Jam Cheats, Hacks & Tips [June 2018]

Cookie Jam Cheats & Hacks Tips

Hello, Welcome you on Gamebuzz board where you get Cookie Jam Cheats without spending a single penny. So If you are here for same intention, take a breath sigh.! Cookie Jam is a board game and to win next level game you need Cheats where you get all resources to jump to the next level of the game. Continue read the steps below to get Cookie Jam hack -cheats.

Cookie Jam cheats

If you want to play the next level in the game without spending money on resources, then you should follow these steps where you get the technique to crack the game algorithm and beat the level by using these cheats.

Steps to get Cookie Jam Cheats 

Cookie Jam Cheats

To unlock your cheats by following the above link instructions. As you are done the above process, give a simple answer to the question related to the Cookie Jam game.

2-Verify that you are Human by solving captcha code. we are working hard to offer our cheats only to real players of Cookie Jam.

3-Follow instructions on your screen and get your free cheats Cookie Jam.

Cookie Jam cheats or tips 2017

Here I am disclosing some great tips or hack of Cookie Jam that works to cross any level. So follow the below techniques to enjoy the game by Jam your cookie.

1-Start with Bottom: The best tips to upgrade to the next level, start your game by selecting a lower portion stage in the match. This work in all puzzle game. Cookie Jam is also a puzzle game, so its also working here. Give it a try by selecting a bottom stage.

2-Gingerbread men Clearance without power-ups: In the game, many time you tired off gingerbread men Are you still struggling with it? So let me tell you the best tips to get rid of gingerbread men. you’ll simply have to create a vertical row of cookies that match up. Make sure that matched row of cookies are in the same row as the Gingerbread Man cookie you’re trying to clear.

For the more technique that working in the game follow the above link and get your free cheat or Cookie Jam Hack or guide.


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