Top 10 Most Played Facebook Games [Free] In 2016 At A Glance!

Hello, Folks, Thanks for the stay here and willing to read about top facebook games [free] in 2016. As facebook launched so many games in 2016 but there are I am introducing top 10 facebook games for free this year. Before to start I like to aware you that I am addicted facebook games and played almost all games on facebook but here it’s not possible to describe all , so I just listed down top 10 facebook games free this year. Some of the Facebook game you can enjoy solo but there are most of the game with multiplayer where you can challenge your neighbor and any of gamer in the worldwide community to play with you.

My 1st Facebook loved game is Candy Crush Saga. Most of the time I play it. This is the game which i love and play from bottom of my heart.

1- Candy Crush Saga 

Candy Crush Saga

Candy crush as I loved to play puzzle game. Here the player has to swipe candy to match 3 or more candy in same colors. If You matched 4 candy with same colors make a new candy color and you will power up with larger board clearing abilities. Its completely free game where you can kill your time as you have but surely you will love this game if you like to solve matching colors. This game was launched in 2014 on facebook as well as for android and ios user,and now approx 95 million players playing this game for fun.

You Can also check here that how to play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook.

2- Criminal Case 

Criminal Case

Hope You all enjoyed this HOG game. HOG stand for Hidden objects game. Sometimes I love to solve the case of murder and collect evidence. This is adventures game i ever played on facebook. I investigated the murder scenes and try to get the clue to find the culprit. This game is mind treasure game. At every evidence, you will get the score. So if you are ready to find murderer then you should try this free game.

How to play Criminal Case on Facebook play 

3- Clash of Clans :

Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is one of my favorite strategic game on facebook. This game totally depends on a strategy to make your village fortress and make your army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters to battles against your competitors. Play against your enemy and destroy their bunkers and win. It always awesome if you play in fresh mood actively.

Clash of Clans: New level 

4- Top Eleven: Be a Football Manager :

Top Eleven: Be a Football Manager

If you are an addicted football and want to be a football manager. Here You get the chance to be a football manager where you have to choose your team, guide your players, praise them for doing the best and making a possible winning team by competing other football manager around the world. This game gives you chance to manage a team according to you where you can bid on your players and make a new team etc. This game need full energy and lots of mind work during chose and trained your team to be in Top Eleven.

How To Train your Football Team : Tips and Tricks 

5- Angry Birds : 

Angry Birds

All time loving game angry birds. This game is played by about 800 million people when they launched it on facebook. There is around 700 million user of ios for angry birds. This game is for all ages. You do not need any specific age to understand the game. You just hit and get into next level.

Watch angry Birds on Facebook 

6-Farm Villa 2

Farm Ville 2

This one is most addictive and interesting game on Facebook where you collect pieces to start farming. You make your farm and chose an animal to your farm house. Here you planting, plowing and see the natural beauty. You Can spent hours and hours in this game without getting bored. You must try this game if you love to play game in nature beauty ambiance.

How Beginner Can play Farm Villa 2 

7-Dragon City 

Dragon City

Dragon city is a fantasy facebook games free to all. Build your own dragon world and make a atmosphere for your dragon. In this pretty game you just make enough food and other things to grow your dragon. To be a dragon master you have to developed new breed of dragon. Its quite interesting game of fantasy world where almost 80 million user doing same thing.

8- Asphalt 8 : Airbone :


Ahhhh. I love this adventures facebook games free where I drive my dreams cars. You will love this game if you love car racing. During the racing you will pass on with hard roads and your car will wrecked by your competitors. So There is lots of enjoyment you feel when you driving your car.

9- Hit IT Rich 

Hit IT Rich

Hit it rich slot is an online casino facebook games free.  If You love to play casino game and want to play it without spending your real money. This game has lot of slot machine that you can feel that you are playing in the real casino of Las Vegas. To play this game you need coins and spin it.

10- Texas Holdem Poker :

Texas Holdem Poker

If You ever love with poker facebook games free than let give it a try. As I plays this game from very long time i find this one is the best poker game ever.

How To play Texas Holdem Poker Game 

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